The Jones Educational Foundation, Inc.

Since 2005

The Jones Educational Foundation, Inc. (JEFI), entered its second decade of operations as a 501 c 3 not-for-profit corporation in 2016. Founded in 2005 as The Reid S., Elva S., and Dr. Sonya L Jones Educational Foundation, Inc., JEFI’s original mission was to assist the people of south central Kentucky with educational and spiritual goals and to help stretch educational and spiritual horizons.

During the first decade of its existence, JEFI became known for giving Scholarships and Awards in its home location of Pulaski Co., Kentucky as well as offering programs on healthy foods. Over the years, its purpose expanded to include: Slate Branch Ashram (2007), an Interspiritual retreat center, home to Sacred Feet Yoga and Meditation; The Sacred Feet Publishing Imprint (2014), an Interspiritual publishing wing; The Community of the Mystic Heart Sannyasa (2014), an international group of Interspiritual monastics; and Anugraha House (built in 1903) where The Foundation is offering its Anugraha Cultural Programs which launched with Sw. Shraddhananda’s poetry reading in February 2018.

Interested parties may contact Sw. Shraddhananda (Dr. Sonya L. Jones) for information about any of the programs under JEFI’s jurisdiction at: or phone 606-875-2967.

JEFI Board of Trustees

Chair & CEO
Dr. Sonya Jones aka Rev. Dr. Sw. Shraddhananda
Vice President
Bishop Christine Deefholts aka Rev. Acharya Sw. Prakashananda
Acharya Sandra Chamatkara Simon
Ben Robertson
Emeritus Trustees
Ralph Campbell, Diane Giddens, Donna Hunley, Wanda Dodson