Sacred Feet Yoga, an Interspiritual Tradition

Sacred Feet is an Interspiritual Yogic tradition.  Its Five Teachings were revealed, or delivered by transmission, to Sw. Shraddhananda beginning on June 24, 2010 at 3 a.m. The terma process continued through July 5, 2010, and the first Sacred Feet Yoga Retreat was held at Slate Branch Ashram to a packed house in May 2011.

The spine of Sacred Feet Yoga rests in The Third Teachings which encourage seekers to open to Shaktipat, or the awakening of the Sacred Energy known as Maha Kundalini Shakti, or the Holy Spirit.

Sacred Feet is also an embodied Yoga.  After some time had passed, Sw. Shraddhananda received the Hatha Yoga asanas, or poses, to compliment The Five Teachings.  Sacred Feet Hatha Yoga is very gentle.  Practitioners imbibe The Teachings in the very tissues of the body as the words are spoken aloud or whispered internally.

The Teachings of Sacred Feet Yoga are offered at retreats conducted by Sw. Shraddhananda and the Sacred Feet Yoga Acharyas, or in private sessions. People of all spiritual traditions, or none, are welcomed.  Interested persons should contact Sw. Shraddhananda at, Acharya Sandra Chamatkara Simon in Pittsburgh, PA at,  or Acharya Sw. Prakashananda in the United Kingdom at

Sw. Shraddhananda
Founder, Sacred Feet Yoga
Acharya Sw. Prakashananda
Sacred Feet Yoga Senior Teacher
Acharya Chamatkara
Sacred Feet Yoga Senior Teacher

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