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Managing Editor
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ESTABLISHED IN 2014–The Sacred Feet Publishing Imprint was founded for purposes of releasing titles in the field of Interspiritual Studies. 

To help realize this educational goal, Sandra “Chamatkara” Simon, Managing Editor, taught herself how to make a book–from scratch.

All books listed by Sacred Feet are available for purchase on Amazon.

Cover of Jesus Was a Shaktipat Guru (available from

JUST WHAT WE NEEDED–Jesus Was a Shaktipat Guru was published to glowing reviews in 2014.  “Prodigious,” said Dr. John Killinger, a major Christian theologian.  “Destined to become a classic,” said a professor of English. “Just what we needed,” said a chorus of readers who expressed gratitude for Sw. Shraddhananda’s  treatment of Jesus as a Master Teacher who had the power to awaken and guide the Holy Spirit, or Maha Kundalini Shakti.

Sw. Shraddhananda
with Arsen Kashkashian
ON THE ROAD WITH JWSG–Dr. Jones aka Sw. Shraddhananda went on the road with JWSG following publication. Highlights included: a Master Class at Joni Kalisara Dittrich’s Kali-Ki Studio in Napa, CA;  a signing at the Boulder Bookstore and reunion with former Allegheny student Arsen Kashkashian, now General Manager and Head Buyer; and a lively signing at Moby Dickens,Taos, NM shortly before this unforgettable shop closed.

LUCID & SMART–In 2015, Sacred Feet Publishing released The Dark Hills by Dr. Scott Robinson, Dr. Jones’s former colleague at The New Seminary. A sensitive portrayal of recovery from depression by means of Interspiritual study and practice, The Dark Hills garnered praise for its beautifully crafted prose.

ESSENTIAL FOR OUR TIME–Troubled by the increasing number of domestic and terrorist killings, Dr. Jones aka Sw. Shraddhananda undertook A Short Book about Killing in 2016. One of the few serious books available on the subject of killing, A Short Book explores Western culture’s addiction to violence. “A brilliantly reasoned analysis,” said one critic. “An essential book for our time,” said Average Joe.
“SUMPTUOUS SPIRITUAL BANQUET”–Mature Interspirituality, a collection of essays dedicated to the “Nine Elements” of mature Interspirituality proposed by Br. Wayne Teasdale in his germinal text The Mystic Heart, was released in July 2017. Contributors include Sw. Shraddhananda, Mirabai Starr, Dr. Kurt Johnson, and a host of interesting Interspiritual thinkers who attended the “Nine Elements” retreat held in Kentucky in April 2016.

As Katy Koontz, Editor of Unity Magazine, said, “Reading Mature Interspirituality is like sitting down with a group of wise, gentle, and enlightened souls coming together to share their thoughts with one aim in mind–stoking the fire of our collective relationship with the Divine.”

“PROVOCATIVE AND TENDER-HEARTED”–Sw. Shraddhananda’s second volume of The Guru Sutras entitled Are You Dancing with Me, Shiva? was published just in time to celebrate Swamiji’s 70th birthday at Shivaratri.

This “gathering” of poems takes us into the “wise mind” of one whose spiritual journey leads us to believe that freedom is a “real possibility”–if we are willing to work for it. Or, at the very least, that there are gains to be had in terms of human happiness by seeing life as Sw. Shraddhananda does, as Shiva’s cosmic dance. The poems collected here “take a deep bow” to Malcolm Boyd’s Are You Running with Me, Jesus? and are at once “intelligent, humorous, beautifully crafted, and accessible on varying levels of spiritual attainment.”

“The poetry in this beautiful volume speaks cleanly and honestly of one woman’s life spent in devotion to Spirit. Swami Shraddhananda shares scenes of great beauty in quiet private moments, heartbreaking tragedies, and even the delight of finding humor in everyday situations–all underscored by a deep and abiding love for the Divine. The brilliance of this collection is that although the author is herself a revered spiritual leader and swami, she shows how accessible such deep devotion to a spiritual path can be for all of us.” —Katy Koontz, editor, Unity Magazine

NEW FROM SACRED FEET!!! We would like to warmly welcome you as you begin to explore the three levels of Sacred Feet Yoga Teachings and their accompanying Meditations.

Received from their saints and spiritual guides in divine transmission, the Preceptor of Sacred Feet Yoga, Swami Shraddhananda, and Co-Dharma Heir, Swami Prakashananda, offer the Teachings with gratitude, love, and respect to all who wish to receive them. The sole purpose of the Teachings is to kindle and to facilitate the blaze of the sacred energy within, freeing us from the vicissitudes of the human ego and leading us to freedom. No matter your spiritual tradition (Hinduism, Kashmir Shaivism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.) or how you refer to the sacred energy (Maha Kundalini Shakti, Windhorse, Tara, the Holy Spirit, Ruah, Ruh, etc.), the Teachings are intended to offer guidance and support as you walk your sacred feet along the path to liberation.

As with all journeys, you may jump ahead or revisit the Teachings on the different levels as you are directed by your own spiritual guides and teachers. While they may appear simple on the surface, as you begin to embody them, through the grace of and partnership with the Divine, they are able to plumb the depths of the soul, helping us to release the behavioral and emotional patterns which no longer serve us and to “hold our seat” along bumps that rise in the road until we are able to live every moment from our natural, innate, steady state of divinity. As you make your way through the book, as Swami Prakashananda says, “May these Teachings open the spiritual door for you, and may you become anchored in the awareness of the scintillating Divine Heart, the golden vibration of Consciousness upholding every experience.”